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Article I

Section 1: The name of the organization shall be the Westside Fast Pitch League.

Article II

Section 1: The objectives of this organization are:

To provide organized and supervised instructional and competitive softball for girls.

To promote sportsmanship and fair play.

To further teamwork and athletic play.


Article III

Section 1: The league will consist of the following teams:

10 and under

12 and under

14 and under


Section 2: The league will be made up of seven communities.


Ben Davis







Section 3: Each community will have one representative which will sit on the Westside League Board to:

a) Vote on league issues

1) In case of a tie vote: When it pertains to a certain community, that rep will abstain from the vote. If a full vote results in a tie, the ruling will remain as it was originally.

b) Relay issues concerning their community to and from the Board

c) Set fees and transact any business to maintain the general welfare of the Westside League.


Article IV

Section 1: Meetings will be held on a Sunday of each month, excluding December, May and June, or unless called, and extra meetings as needed to resolve any issues related to the organization.

Section 2: There must be at least half of the voting members present to conduct business or take votes on any issue.

Article V

Section 1: This league will follow ASA rules.

Section 2: The members will review the present league rules and make any changes before practice begins on each season in April.

Section 3: League rules will be made available in writing to each community and their players and umpires.

Section 4: It is up to umpires and representatives to oversee any Rule violations. No protests are allowed. Disagreements must be resolved at the time.

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